Our Team
From day one, we've emphasized that quality customer service is priority. With every barrel we sell, our goal is to give each winery the personal service it deserves. From the moment we answer your call, we make every effort to ensure your experience with Tonnellerie du Monde is enjoyable and convenient.

Each of our sales representatives goes through extensive training at the cooperage so they can assist you with every facet of our barrels and oak products. They are knowledgeable in both wine and barrel making, and they'll be happy to advise you on product features and answer any questions.

Quality is the hallmark of everything we do. So, too, is value. Our sales force continually works to understand our customers' changing needs, and then meets those needs with innovative products that are affordable to the greatest number of wineries.

Christophe Sauvaud
Directeur Général

13 Route de Canteloup
33750 Beychac & Caillau
Phone:05 56 72 82 00

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